Motorcycle Helmets Common Facts and the Myths

Some people only think myths and facts can be cultural. However, facts and myths range from virtually everything that exists here on earth. It brings this article to the extent of revealing the myths and facts behind motorcycle helmets. In time past, helmets may not have been as popular as it is today. As technology advances, bike... more →
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The Necessary Design of Helmets for Motorcyclists

Helmets are considered the basic protective equipment, and most important for motorcyclists so they have been stipulated in the legislation in many countries around the world, including America. As a matter of fact, helmets have the main function to protect your cerebral cortex from collision and concussion in unfortunate accidents.... more →
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Some of the must have tools when repairing the Honda racing cars

The repair and maintenance of all cars is not usually an easy task. This has never been easy either when talking of the Honda racing cars which are rather complex based on their performance index. It should be easy however if you leant a few do it yourself (DIY) tips, which are easily given out on the different sites dealing with... more →
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Honda racing reviews –the Honda civic type R concept

While the introduction of the Honda car could have come at a better time, the introduction of its civic prototype was one of the best things to have happened in the racing arena. Taken into perspective, the Honda civic type R is one of the best racing cars ever. I would have not been telling you this if I were not one of those who... more →
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Honda introduces new formula 1car models into the car racing arena with pomp and glamour

For those who are into the Honda car racing, march 29 the 2015 was one of the deciding moments in the life of Honda racing cars with the Indy car season coming to its new start. The Honda formula 1 fleet recently received that much needed boost with the introduction of its latest Indy car and the formula lite series into the North... more →
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9 reasons why Honda racing car remains at the center of the racing world

Compared to most of the racing car manufacturers, Honda has been one of the most amazing of them all. When these comparisons are made, there are even other likely better machines which could have possibly made this cut. The Ferrari for instance has been known to have none of an equal, when speed is contextualized. However, the speed... more →
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